This is the first week of the Kindness Challenge put on by Niki at “The Richness of a Simple Life”. For this first week, Niki encouraged all challengers to explore the topic of self-love. This is a wonderful topic for me at this time of my life, when I am working consciously on cultivating self-love... Continue Reading →

Closing the gap

About one and half month ago, I went into my bosses offices and quit my job. Although my job is pretty stressful, I didn’t do it, because I hated my job or the people I work with. Quite to the contrary, my current team is one of the best teams I have ever worked with.... Continue Reading →

Intention for Kindness Challenge

I truly believe that if we don’t instill pockets of kindness into every nook and cranny around the world, it could quickly become a lost practice. As I said in a previous post, I believe that even a smile can go a long way and create a difference far beyond the person smiling and the... Continue Reading →


After reading that the most effective practices of gratitude always include some tangible form of visualizing the things we feel thankful for, I started a gratitude journal with my daughter this month. Every night we sit down to recollect the happenings of the day and capture the things that made our day sweeter and show... Continue Reading →


You know how sometimes the same message gets conveyed to you over and over again, but you don’t actually hear it until you are in a state of mind that allows you to receive it? Well, yesterday I watched a TED talk by Mel Robbins and her message resonated quite loudly. Although there was an... Continue Reading →


I often look around me and wonder how our world has developed into this place of so many disconnected humans. A society in which everyone is so stressed and absorbed in their own lives that they cannot see the people that surround them. Unless you have become part of someone else’s inner circle, it is... Continue Reading →

The Art of Saying “Yes”

So often when we talk about boundary setting, we talk about the ability to tell people “No”. It is something that many of us have a hard time with and we often regret the things we agree to. I completely understand this issue. I remember trying to coach one of my co-workers on how to... Continue Reading →

Writing my own roles

I have always loved acting. Being able to seamlessly morph into a different person and live their life so believable that the audience sometimes forgets you are not the role you played, when you step off the stage. In acting you are provided with all the circumstances and character traits your role is associated with.... Continue Reading →

My relationship with nature

I am writing this blog post to remind myself of all the wonderful connections I have developed with nature throughout my life. I want to overcome my current inhibition of going camping or planning trips to the national parks I would like to see or go on all-day hikes. Although I have spent plenty of... Continue Reading →

Boxed in

So, I have this thing about hating the feeling of being stereotyped. Over the years, since I was a teenager my views on describing this aversion have changed. At one point, I labeled it for myself as not giving in to peer pressure. I still get incredibly mad, when I have the feeling that a... Continue Reading →

This is me

I am starting this blog for myself, so I can discover what makes me tick in order to more easily accept who I am as a person. I am finally given the opportunity in my life to go on a search that I wish I had embarked on many years ago.

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