Sabine’s 1-on-1 coaching services are geared toward individuals, who are realizing that they are not living live to their fullest potential.

It addresses you, if you are 100% committed to investing in yourself to create a more complete version of your future and who you are as a person.

Because you are unique, each coaching session will utilize skills that you have already acquired throughout your life, while at the same time providing you with new insights and calls for action to expand what you ever thought was possible.

Sabine’s coaching can provide the following to you.


  • Discover what makes your heart jump and would make you love your life.

Goal setting

  • Plan the next steps to YOUR story and a way to get there.

Mental blocks

  • Become aware around inhibitors to your success.


  • Become confident and motivated to reach your higher potential.


  • Be held accountable to your commitments, and be brought back, when you veer of track.

Sabine’s underlying belief is that if we as humans are living our passions, we not only become a better and happier version of ourselves, but we also contribute our otherwise hidden talents to the world at large. Since the world needs all our talents, she made it her mission to support others in living life to their fullest potential.

Sabine is a certified life coach/psychological advisor.


Contact me and we will discuss how I can support you in your journey to reveal your fullest potential.


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