ProfilePicHello, and welcome to my page. I am glad you stopped by today. My name is Sabine.

I originally started this page, when I had just gone through divorce and had realized that I spent years of my life trying to fit into a picture that just wasn’t painted for me. With nothing left to lose and with midlife quickly approaching, I realized that I had a decision to make. I could either continue to live based on the standards set forth by others, or I pull out a new canvas and use the techniques I had acquired throughout my life to uncover the gifts and talents that were still inside of me and that I have to share with the world.

The journey so far has been a remarkable one. I have learned many more things than I ever thought possible. I have met incredible new people.  

I have reconnected with a purpose that I had left dormant 10 years ago. I decided to both finally work on the traumas that are still living inside my body and that have prevented me from loving to the fullest.

In addition, I committed to going back to what I have always loved doing the most. Helping others in uncovering the talents they deem lost in themselves, so that they too can experience a life that is fully lived. I hope you will join me on my journey and that I am able to provide you with insights from my adventures and misadventures through this path called life.

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