IMG_3029Hi, my name is Sabine. Thus far I have often flown under the radar. I have enjoyed the part of my life, where people can’t quite put their finger on my character traits and classify me into a group of their liking. I never want people to be able to categorize me and put me in the same drawer as other people they know with the same trait.

Recently my life has changed a lot and I have come to realize that I haven’t just kept my full identity hidden from others, I also buried it down deep enough to not be able to characterize myself and know who I truly am.

Going on 40 this year, my life has taken some major turns. My recent divorce has made me realize that I have lived my life trying to fit into a picture that just wasn’t painted for me. I never quite felt comfortable to form myself into the being that society wanted me to be, but since I didn’t know an alternative I tried my best. Realizing that you can’t change your innate self, I had to give up trying. This has left me with a big gap and the recognition that at almost 40 years of age, I truly never had the chance to figure out who I am without those pressures.

Having nothing left to lose, but so much to gain, I have decided to start this blog and stop taking on a persona that will suit the norm. This is Me Revealed.

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