Aligning yourself with love not fear

Have you ever found yourself wondering, why you seem to be the only person seeing the problems of the world and why everyone else just seems to be running around with blinders on? You feel like you want to smack the proverbial board over their head to help them open their eyes and see what you are seeing.

I feel that way, when I look around our society and see people after people, who are walking around in a state of constant fear that is being spoon-fed to our cultures. Many seem frozen in place, because of how overwhelming it is becoming.

I didn’t have to look far for an example. I myself spent the last years increasingly glued to the media, eating up every single disastrous story I could get my hands on. It almost developed into a fear of missing out on what was going on and not knowing the latest terrible thing that happened or bad decision that was made by politicians. What I did not realize at first was how with every additional negative story I was allowing to infiltrate my brain and my thinking, I also created the belief that people must be inherently bad. Once I opened the gates to these types of news, there always seemed to be more where the last one was coming from.

And before I knew it, I found myself in the grocery store associating a negative story with every person I saw, being sure they were trying to hide something from the world. I didn’t see the struggles that we all face on a given day, instead I mistrusted what I saw and figured that each human being was just a ticking time bomb. I found my heart race and felt a sense of unease, whenever I drove in my car, because as soon as somebody showed signs of road rage, I didn’t just think that they were having a bad day, I was convinced the next thing they would do would be to pull out a gun.

Just like the algorithms in Social Media, when we are drawn to a certain type of message, we are provided with more of the same to feed and nurture what we have subscribed to let into our view of the world.

But it is also this algorithm that has helped me to gain back my ability to act and gain faith in the people around me. Here are few simple steps I have taken over the last year that are changing my life drastically. They are not earth shattering or too hard to do, but they might go against what we are told to do and might draw up some resistance.

1)      I have cut myself off from news stories almost entirely. I read headlines here and there, but rarely read the full story and still know the basics of what is going on in this world. The difference is that I do not get caught up in the stories and let them formulate my belief of the world as a whole.

2)      I am seeking out connections with people on my Social Media channels that are blasting me with messages of empowerment, strength and the good that is still going on this world on a daily basis.

3)      I sat down and wrote out all the negative messages I was regularly drilling into my brain about myself and other people. When I re-read them and saw them written all over the page, I realized how none of them was serving me in being who I aspire to be in life.

Just these three things alone created a huge shift. We forget how the messages we infuse ourselves with daily are what make up our life and reaction to it. To some degree, we might feel that we have no choice, because this is our world and these “bad things” just keep happening to us. Who are we to decide to block them out and ignore them?

When I first decided to give up on obsessing about the news, I felt incredibly guilty. It seemed that I was sending the message that I did not care about the people that were involved in those stories. But I assure you that quite the opposite is true.

Because fear is a survival response, the more often we are exposed to it, the more our body will be triggered to respond on a primal level. There is only so much fear our human bodies can take, before we go into protection mode and tend to shut down. We simply don’t have the capacity and energy to deal with fear on a daily basis. We lose the ability to even separate the events that triggered the fear in the first place.

Only, if we allow ourselves to be removed from the source of the fear, can we start to gain perspective. It is also then, that we can summon our strength and replenish our energy reservoir to move forward.

I didn’t change what is going on in this world, but I changed my view of what is possible. I have claimed my choice to surround myself with people, who are determined to bring out the good in everyone around them. Instead of resigning to a life that is ruled for them by others, they take life by its horns and try to increase the love and understanding that still exists.

And when I go to the grocery store now, I can look people in the eye. I see people, who have the fortune of being able to buy food for themselves and their families. They care. They are still in the game of life, no matter how hard or easy it might be for them. They are still connecting with others and I have a chance of connecting with them.  

I don’t know about you, but looking at the world from this angle, makes for a much better life and makes me more motivated to support the good people of mother earth.

The good thing is that it is your choice and your choice only to decide which of the two versions of life you would like to live.


Please share this post, so we can increase the number of people, who are willing to seek love over fear!

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