The Story

So many of us have dreams and aspirations for our lives, but while they seem to come true for some people, most of us find ourselves “stuck” in our situations without a way out. What is it that seems to make some people more successful in accomplishing what they envision of doing, while others just don’t seem to be able to hit the ground running?

In trying to find out for myself in recent months, I have come to discover that it isn’t what you think it might be. When I talked to friends and co-workers their answers to the question would be: “Well, the successful just had the luck of the draw in that they had more money to back up their dreams and were able to spend time off to work to make it happen” or “Those people must not have families or loved ones to take care of and have the ability to be ‘irresponsible’ in spending the time and money it takes to fulfill their dream”. Time, money, connections and luck seem to be the major things needed according to my poll in what it takes to succeed.

But when I started looking at the ones who had done what I am striving to accomplish, the stories never seemed to line up with the above sentiment. Rarely have the “successful” people gotten to their goal easily. Most had to work hard, make major sacrifices and fail a few times along the way.

When asked, how they were able to get started and more importantly, how they were able to keep going, the answer always seemed to be the commitment they made to see their dreams come alive. Their commitment to get out of their head of finding reasons why they could not possibly succeed, and replace them with question like “What do I need today, to bring me one step closer to where I want to be?” or “Am I able to get uncomfortable and move forward despite having no idea, if what I have in mind will ever work out?”

For the longest time, my inner dialogue resembled that of the critic of the successful. I stood on the sidelines of their work and judged what they must or must not have that allowed them to do something, I was simply not privy to. I wrapped myself in stories of self-doubt and not being enough. When I did step out of my comfort zone, the feeling of not knowing enough was a sure fire move of my mind to drag me back into the comfort zone.

But then I realized, if I finally want to step away from the sidelines and take ownership of my own life, I need to be willing to give up the comfort for good. I needed to step out and own my vision, no matter what this might entail. Although, I am generally not a huge fan of hero like movies, I am starting to see the reason why the hero is always sent on a quest, before succeeding in her mission. It is through the journey, through the quest that we can know for sure that what we have set out to accomplish is truly our vision. What may be demons, tricksters, and other ill-meaning creatures in fiction can be represented in the form of all kinds of outside and self-imposed obstacles on our real-life journey. Often there are several parts in a fictional story, in which the hero contemplates giving up and turning around. We tend to cheer for the person, who fights all odds and goes on to accomplish great things. What if we acknowledged that the people, who care about us would do the same for our journeys?

Have you ever seen the radiance around people, who own their vision? They light up, when being asked about their plans. They can talk your ear off and seem obsessed, but we are drawn to their story. Even if we don’t believe in their product, we just know they have to succeed and feel that we should support them in whatever way we can.  

And with this, I am ready to commit to my own vision of setting out to support others in removing the mental obstacles and stories that prevent us from stepping into the unknown and living life to our highest potential. The vision is clear, may the quest begin!

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