Aligning yourself with love not fear

Have you ever found yourself wondering, why you seem to be the only person seeing the problems of the world and why everyone else just seems to be running around with blinders on? You feel like you want to smack the proverbial board over their head to help them open their eyes and see what... Continue Reading →

The things you can learn from your quirks

When you are making personal development part of your everyday lifestyle and allow yourself to become aware of patterns that you are upholding that are not serving you, you are bound to discover some of your odder quirks. There is one particular habit that I seem to have the hardest time breaking, although it is... Continue Reading →

Worth it

I had this epiphany the other day that should not have come as such a shocker. But it did, because of the way we define value. It came out of conversations I had with several friends around charging for services we provide. All of us love helping others and thrive on knowing when we have... Continue Reading →

Guilty or not

When it comes to guilt in my life, I feel that I have a million skeletons in the closet. There was definitely a time in my life, when I couldn’t tell you about a single day that I did not feel guilty. For me most of my guilt hovered around the results of my childhood... Continue Reading →

Lessons from the Imperfect

So often in our lives we seem to strive for perfection. We want to be the best at something and we want everyone else around us to see and acknowledge us for our accomplishments. Don’t get me wrong, there is absolutely nothing wrong with celebrating your accomplishments. All the power to celebrating full out for... Continue Reading →

Different lens

This weekend my daughter and I were on a camping trip. Like a typical parent, I worried way too much about everything being right and about all the little details that are “needed” to make camping fun and enjoyable for everyone. But it wasn’t until I let go that the fun really began. At one... Continue Reading →

Lessons from Negativity

Who hasn’t been in an environment before, where he or she was surrounded by negative talk. In our society this seems to be something that is quite common in all areas of our lives. For example we are often surrounded by co-workers, supervisors, and bosses who have something bad to say or criticize themselves, each... Continue Reading →

The Story

So many of us have dreams and aspirations for our lives, but while they seem to come true for some people, most of us find ourselves “stuck” in our situations without a way out. What is it that seems to make some people more successful in accomplishing what they envision of doing, while others just... Continue Reading →

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