Grateful for connections

Due to the things happening for me this week, I have decided to switch my posts around and do my general post today, while adding my response to the Kindness challenge on Sunday.

After having given such a long notice at my job, the day arrived today of my very last day at work. And what a day it has been.

It is one thing to leave a job out of frustration or for an advancement to something else. But if you leave to embrace what you are meant to do in life, it is an entirely different feeling altogether. I have had the fortune to leave a truly amazing and wonderful team. I will miss them all and know that this is not a goodbye for most of them.

I am generally not that great at goodbyes, but found a way for myself by accident that I would recommend to anyone. I decided to write an individualized card to each of the 29 people that I worked with. Making it personalized allowed me to sit down and contemplate what each and every one of them has meant to me along my journey with the company. Surprisingly none of the cards were hard to write. And reflecting back on our journey together made me even more grateful that I had the wonderful opportunity to meet, work with, and get to know each of them.

It also allowed me to prepare for the final day and the things I still wanted them to know about my appreciation for them. Lucky for me, our client team had a lunch celebration for our successful congress at work in Vancouver last week, so I had one last chance to socialize with everyone as a group. I will miss them all as a team, but know that I will keep in touch with this crazy awesome group of people in the future.

There is nothing like leaving one place to pursue your dreams and having your current work team cheer you on to wish you much success for your next endeavors.

This post is for you and for all you have done for me! Thank you!!!

Never let the day to day of a sometimes grinding job make you forget the awesome people that are there with you. Each of them has their own story that they may or may not bring to work, but that make them unique. And each of them can have a positive impact on you in their own ways.

I am beyond grateful for the connections I was allowed to make.

And I am excited for a new chapter of my life!

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  1. What a beautiful and kind gesture to write personalized notes – I’m sure it meant so much to the recipients as well as being a wonderful chance for you to reflect. Wishing you all the best on your new adventures!


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