Intuition is the plan

The last months have been a very interesting adventure for me. I have learned so much from and about the people that surround me on a daily basis.

I have learned that when I quit my job without any concrete plan on what will come next, but with a vision for a future that lets me express my true self, it not only has an impact on myself, but also on the people around me.

When people ask me what will be in the cards for me next, I have been very honest in admitting that I have nothing set in stone. Yet at the same time I explain that I am working on a plan to create my own endeavor that will allow me to motivate and inspire others to uncover their own passion and live life to their fullest potential. I confess that just explaining this idea makes me feel excited and I come out of the conversation more energized than when it first started.

These different conversations have shown me that most people seem to be somewhere on the path to uncovering their own meaning/purpose of life. When I decided to make the jump, I definitely did not have all the answers nor did I have a solid plan. But when I talk to others, they always seem to assume that I do. I think family reassures themselves with the fact that I am generally a planner and a person, who thinks everything through, before making a rash decision. They use this knowledge as their comfort to assure themselves that I will be fine. Friends, co-workers and acquaintances seems to be more curious and sometimes even somewhat envious of my decision.  Again, there is this assumption that I have everything for my next steps to “freedom” figured out already. There is also the assumption that I must have a ton of money saved up to be able to have the “luxury” to wanting to follow my dreams.

I can’t even count the number of times anymore that I have heard people tell me “I wish I could do that” or “I am just not in a position that I could simply follow my dreams” or “too bad I have responsibilities and bills to pay”. What strikes me the most about these comments is that not too long ago, I said exactly the same thing. I was constantly trying to find my passion, so I could figure out what I should be doing with my life and how to make it happen.

What changed since then?

I didn’t suddenly hid the jackpot that would allow me to take some time off to discover who I wanted to be or that would allow me to quit my job and pursue my dreams without having to worry about my finances. Quite to the contrary, I still have all my bills to pay and have the responsibility of caring for a child and her needs.

What changed was that after many years of ignoring this tiny voice inside of myself, I decided to finally listen to what it had to say. And what it had to say sounded absolutely insane. Yet, while my brain was already determining how to lock that voice back up and make it disappear never to be heard from again, my heart told me otherwise. Deep inside something told me that I had nothing to lose, if I listened to it. It told me that I could give it a couple of years and that I still had the choice to return back to the life that others design for me. Or alternatively I could try to write my own story for a while and see how it would turn out. And unlike all the other times, I took the leap of faith and went for it.

I am learning that making the decision to follow my passion, seems to be in a way comparable to what people are told that want to have kids. If we wait for the right moment, when all our finances are aligned and we feel like we have all the tools to be a perfect parent, we might never have kids. I have found this to be true for going after my dreams as well.

If we wait for all the stars to be aligned, we might never make the jump, because doing so requires us to overcome our fear of the unknown and trust in our strengths and the skills we have already acquired throughout life. We all have the skills to make our dreams happen, because most likely we have already been working on them throughout our lives to prepare us, when we are ready to take on our dreams.

So what it my plan? My only solid plan at the moment is to keep following my intuition and work hard on the tasks it presents me with. Why? Because at this point, any alternative option would mean self-denial and I am not willing to go there anymore.

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    1. Thank you. So many opportunities opened up, when I realized there was nothing to lose by just going for it. Hoping your journey is full of adventures and will always lead you to the next right place. It never seems to be without obstacles thrown in your path to test your sincerity of staying on your chosen path. But it is so worth it, because I get to chose my new path with conviction many times over.

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      1. I try to use the obstacle to clarify my desires. Although, at times I feel frustrated to stop and sit with my desires but it does work.


  1. The desire to lead a genuine life sometimes takes a backseat to everyday. What’s to say that everyday can’t be a genuine life. Why should you accept a role in life ( the only one you’ll ever have ) that doesn’t meet your expectations. Why settle for day to day. The risk is not in trying, the risk is in not trying.


    1. I have been telling this to so many people around me lately. It is amazing to me how many people struggle with the decision to move away from societal expectations to choose a path that they feel would be more in line with their own personal values. The risk is still being evaluated in those cases. Thank you for this comment.


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