Kindness Challenge – Learnings

With the kindness challenge put on by Niki over at "The Richness of a simple life" coming to an end, I have looked back at my posts from the last seven weeks to review the journey this challenge sent me on.  I have to thank Niki for the opportunity to explore kindness from all these... Continue Reading →

Grateful for kindness

This was the seventh and last week of the Kindness Challege put on by Niki at "The Richness of a Simple Life". I purposefully held off on this post until today, because I knew that this weekend I was signed up for a workshop called "The Bridge Experience" that is put on by Alexi Panos... Continue Reading →

Little  Planning

I love reading blogs, books, and articles about other people's adventures in travel and the outdoors. So often in those readings I come across people stating that planning the adventure out and putting together all the pieces is a big portion of what makes the adventure so exciting for them. I used to believe this... Continue Reading →

Kindness without expectation

For the sixth week of the Kindness Challenge put on by Niki at “The Richness of a Simple Life” she has had us think about “Kindness without expectation”. This topic took me much deeper than I had anticipated and I want to put a disclaimer up front that it contains some language around the psychological... Continue Reading →

Grateful for connections

Due to the things happening for me this week, I have decided to switch my posts around and do my general post today, while adding my response to the Kindness challenge on Sunday. After having given such a long notice at my job, the day arrived today of my very last day at work. And... Continue Reading →

New elevator speech

This past week, I had a lot of opportunities to test out the elevator speech for the new role I am trying to create for myself in the next chapters of my life. During my work’s big congress in Vancouver it was openly discussed that I would no longer liaise for my committees as I... Continue Reading →

Choosing Kindness

For the fifth week of the Kindness Challenge put on by Niki at “The Richness of a Simple Life” the focus has been on “Choosing Kindness”. I have been thinking a lot this week about the daily circumstances that often prevent us from choosing kindness. This week I am working on the organizational team of... Continue Reading →

Intuition is the plan

The last months have been a very interesting adventure for me. I have learned so much from and about the people that surround me on a daily basis. I have learned that when I quit my job without any concrete plan on what will come next, but with a vision for a future that lets... Continue Reading →

Kindness Role Model

For the fourth week of the Kindness Challenge put on by Niki at “The Richness of a Simple Life”, the focus moved away from the self to kindness that is expressed outwardly. I have been sitting on this for a little while now and asking myself lots of questions. It has brought up something in... Continue Reading →

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