Closing the gap

About one and half month ago, I went into my bosses offices and quit my job. Although my job is pretty stressful, I didn’t do it, because I hated my job or the people I work with. Quite to the contrary, my current team is one of the best teams I have ever worked with.

Of course everyone’s first question is, “Where are you off to next?” My answer to this question has been: “I am not exactly sure yet. I have nothing lined up. I am currently in the process of unveiling my passion and see where it leads me.”

All answers I have received thus far have been framed in a positive way:

  1. “I am so happy for you. You will do great in whatever you decide to do!.”
  2. “Good for you!”
  3. “That is so amazing and so brave. I wish I could do that!”

It is the people that give me a variation of the last answer that have caught my attention. Interestingly enough, when I try to explain that nothing about what I am doing is brave and that I am simply following my instinct, they are the ones that are very assertive in telling me how wonderful my decision is and how important it is to go out and embrace what is meant for me.

After a while, I started realizing that the reason why this group is building me up so much is not because they like me and they want to see me happy. A large portion of their encouragement stems from actually truly needing me to succeed, in order to feel that their own instinct is not just a hoax. As I have been communicating more with these individuals, they have started sharing their own dreams. Some have dreams that have been dormant for a while, some have had big dreams in the past that were crushed and that they gave up on as a result, and some are realizing that it is possible to have dreams in the first place.

What they all seem to have in common is that their current state of being is not 100% fulfilling and that something inside of each of these individuals is calling them to make a change. It seems that most of us struggle with the gap of the life we currently find ourselves in and the life that we aspire to live with full conviction. I know what that feels like, because I myself am living it. They only difference is that I have decided to find out what it would be like to try and close the gap. I decided that I am curious enough to find out what it is like to follow that inner voice.

To be honest, when I made my decision to embark on this yet unknown path, I assumed that I would receive a lot of head shaking and that I would have to listen to people tell me how irresponsible my decision is.

The fact that instead lots of people are telling me that they wish they could do the same, is opening my eyes. As a person, who wishes to make a difference in people’s lives, I am becoming aware that following my heart is not just an individual choice. If I manage to close or at least narrow the gap, between the reality that was originally presented to me as my life and the reality I would like to create, then I have the responsibility to share these tools with others. There seem to be many people who want to know what it would take for them to do the same. There is a lot of fear out there about taking a leap of faith that is as unsecure as following your dreams.

Most of us are afraid of failing, making us think that it would be better to stay safe where we are.

I didn’t realize that so many eyes would be on me, as I made this personal decision to become curious about my possibilities. But I am willing to fail and get up again, if it means that others will find the courage to leave their fear behind and embark on their own path of possibilities.

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  1. Sabine, perhaps the reactions you are getting from folks represent the way they feel about their life. Marriage, children, parents all get in the way of personal choices. I think your divorce brought opportunity for you to begin over. Read over your posts. I wonder if you recognize the girl writing from Feb. to now. I’ll tell you what I see. I see a life unfolding, like a new flower. I see a soul on a quest to be right with herself. Right with her life, her choices, her future. I wonder if you recognize the courage it takes to follow the path you have chosen for yourself? In your words I hear strength, determination, and hope. This blog is a place you come to connect with the spirit you are. I admire your spirit. I admire your effort at understanding your life and your place. I send you strength, hope, understanding and most of all fearlessness. Be fierce in the pursuit of your life and your dreams.

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    1. Michael, your words are so inspiring to me. Thank you for making me go back an read my posts again. You are right this blog is allowing me to connect to my spirit and it is unfolding itself in the most empowering way. I will continue to be relentlessly curious about the life we as humans live and how we can make it a more fulfilling one for all.


    1. Thank you for sharing her blog. I hope she stays true to herself. It is something that I wish i would have done in my twenties, but it is never too late to change yourself and inspire others along the way.


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