Spying not possible

My little girl is mad at me again. For the past few months she has been on a mission to figure out how to spy on me and then scare me. I don’t know what it is about children that creeping up on people is a skill they want to desperately acquire. Does it come from the movies and watching superheroes or is it something that is innate in human nature? No matter what it is, there is another survival mechanism that is engrained in me that makes it impossible for her to succeed.

The picture I hold of myself

The last months have been interesting to say the least. I don’t know for how many years, I have already been fighting an internal war. The one side is contained by the belief of who I need to be in order to be respected and seen in our society, the other side is the “flawed” person I am and love.

Meditation and Brainspotting

Meditation means a lot to me. If I remember correctly, I started it at a time I was working with kids every day. While I loved the little beings, the job also held an enormous amount of stress for me. Being me, I couldn’t start without reading several books about how it was supposed to... Continue Reading →

Find your truth within yourself

Our world is becoming increasingly busy and demanding. With so much going on all the time, it seems so easy to get sucked into all that is happening on the outside of us. We get sucked into our Social Media feeds for hours, we can’t miss what is going on during the next episode of... Continue Reading →

The Healing Power of Your Breath

To me breathing had always been one of the things that our body just does automatically. And I was glad about that, because my traumatic past left me with no desire to pay attention to my body whatsoever. That is, until I decided to partake in a yoga teacher training. During the training I started... Continue Reading →

How to commit like a child

Have you ever noticed how when you go to a party and mingle or talk with friends or coworkers there is always the person, who with glowing eyes tells you about all the things they plan on doing. They are so enthusiastic about the project they will start or the awesome experience they will have... Continue Reading →

Own your life

Don’t we all wish we could proudly exclaim that we are the sole owner of our lives? I mean in the end, we are the ones, who will die our own death. Nobody is going to be able to do that for us. So why then would we not also own the life we live?... Continue Reading →

Aligning yourself with love not fear

Have you ever found yourself wondering, why you seem to be the only person seeing the problems of the world and why everyone else just seems to be running around with blinders on? You feel like you want to smack the proverbial board over their head to help them open their eyes and see what... Continue Reading →

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